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Shocking! Video of a small kid carrying stones during ‘Maharashtra Bandh’ goes viral


Maharashtra child protesting during Maharashtra Bandh

Mumbai: Maharashtra saw protest by Dalit all across the state, Mumbai remained to be most affected. The ‘Maximum City’ was brought down to its knees. However what was most shocking of it all were the videos that were circulated, The videos showed small school going kids protesting. Nothing is wrong about protesting what is absolutely shocking to see is small kids full of hate and anger wanting to beat up Maratha’s.

In the few videos that have gone viral, small kids are seen abusing and pelting stones at the vehicles. In one such specific video, a kid possibly 7-8 year old is seen walking around with stones in hand. The videographer (identity unknown) asked the small kid why was he walking around with stones in hand. To which he replied, to attack people.

Videographer further asked him why he wanted to attack people and who are these people, he replied by saying he wanted to attack Maratha’s because they attacked them and he was on his way to kill them. He also said he had come to Pune to pay his respect to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

In Mumbai as well many protesters were young, on the Western Express Highway as well the Eastern Express Highway the small kids were seen blocking the roads. Later in the day women too joined in. Many small kids were seen stopping the vehicles and abusing the commuters.

While the protest is over the question that also needs to asked is do these small minds need to be infiltrated with so much hate?