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Shocking! Mumbai trans-couple hounded, receives death threats


Mumbai: In yet another case of apathy and deep prejudice against the LGBTQ community, a couple, who underwent sex change operation is being hounded and has received death threats just because they challenged the norm. Aarav Appukuttan was born Bindu, and Sukanyeah Krishnan was born Chandu. The two had met during their respective gender transformation treatment at Mumbai’s Kokilaben Ambani hospital. They fell in love and decided to tie the knot.

After their wonderful love story went viral, the couple as usual received plenty of hatred and now they are receiving death threats. Talking to mid-day, Krishnan said, “Since our love story has gone viral on social media, we both have been getting death threats online from unknown users.”

“So far, I have got seven death threats from unknown Facebook users. I replied to them, asking why don’t they have the guts to post such abuse from their real accounts, instead of hiding behind fake accounts, but they didn’t respond to that,” she added. A few days ago, someone even called on Krishnan’s mobile phone and said ‘Whatever you are doing is wrong. If you give an interview on TV or to any other media, we will see to it’ and hung up.

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Following the threats and backlash, the couple had visited the Palace Road police station in Bengaluru on Saturday and submitted a complaint letter. The police have called the two on Tuesday to record their statement, reported Mid-Day. Appukuttan further said, “There are many people who are against us. They don’t like what we are doing, because of which we are receiving abusive messages on social media. They have attacked us in such deplorable language that I can’t even repeat the words.”