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Sheena Bora murder case: Mikhail testifies in special CBI court, says Indrani had me tortured, to prove I was crazy


Photo by BL SONI

Mumbai: Mikhail Bora, son of accused Indrani Mukerjea who deposed in the Special CBI court on Monday, recounted how he was tortured to make out a case that he was insane, so that no one would believe him if he said Indrani was his mother, and not his sister.

On Monday, of the two witnesses who deposed in court, the first was the courier man who had delivered Sheena Bora’s resignation to her office and the second was Sheena’s brother, Mikhail Bora. Mikhail said his biological parents, Siddharth Das and Indrani Mukerjea, had separated when he was three months old and since then he was staying with his grandparents (Indrani’s parents).

After Mikhail’s 10th standard exams, Indrani called him to Mumbai for a vacation. Driver Shayamvar Rai picked him up from the airport and told Mikhail that due to renovation work, Indrani had asked that Mikhail be dropped off at a hotel. The next day, in her INX office, Indrani introduced Mikhail to staff members and client ‘Sanjeev Khanna’ as her brother. Indrani, along with Sanjeev, also took him to lunch at Bombay Blue restaurant where he had ‘chole bhature’ for lunch. Thereafter she gave him Rs 1500 and asked him to go to disco with Khanna.

At the disco, after consuming two Tequila shots, Mikhail fell unconscious. On coming to his senses, he found himself in a room with his hands and legs tied. After some time, Mikhail claims, two ward boys gave him an injection, making him fall unconscious yet again. Later, of the 5-6 doctors who came, one introduced himself as ‘Yusuf Macchiswala’ and told him that Indrani will see him after one-and-a-half months. He was further told she had admitted him on the grounds that he was a drug addict. Teary-eyed, Mikhail said he would never forget the time when he was subjected to electric shocks. He could not tell the court about the treatment meted out to him, as words failed him.

He said he was also told to have food with mental patients. Says Mikhail, “In my life, I have never touched drugs, Later, I realised that maybe Indrani wanted me to become so deranged that if I happen to call her my mother, nobody should believe me.” The trial proceedings will continue on July 24, with Mikhail’s chief examination.

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