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Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna claims driver Shyamvar Rai eyed Sheena


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Mumbai: The sensational Sheena Bora murder case on Wednesday witnessed a new twist with one of the accused blaming approver Shyamvar Rai for Sheena’s ‘sudden’ disappearance. The allegation was levelled by Indrani’s ex-husband – Sanjeev Khanna, who also claimed Rai was eyeing Sheena.

The claims were made while cross-examining Rai, who deposed before a special Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) court as an approver. Rai was cross-examined by Khanna’s counsel Niranjan Mundargi, who posed several questions to him but in return hardly got a proper answer. In a specific query, Khanna’s counsel said, “It has already come on record Rai had kept photographs of Sheena with him. It has also come on record that Rai had not kept anyone else’s photographs.”

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“In this light, we suggest Rai was eyeing on Sheena and that is why he had kept her photographs with himself. We also want to know the reason as to why he had those photos,” the counsel said. To this accusation, Rai said, “Though I had no reason to keep her photos with me but still it would be wrong to say I was eyeing her or had any such intention.” During the course of the session several questions were put to Rai as to why he went to Pen police station exactly one month before his arrest. He was also unable to specify the reason for his more than 200 calls to Mikhail from January to April, 2012.

Rai reiterated he did not know how to use skype, but on the contrary the defence made him reveal that he had a facebook account prior to the skype account. Accordingly, he also revealed he was familiar with whatsapp and had knowledge to use the messaging app. Advocate Shreyansh Mithare, representing Khanna said, “We cross-examined Rai for two days and during these sessions, we have made an attempt to demonstrate his lies before the court. He was unable to specify several things like recalling exact date and location etc. but he was quick enough to recount other details of the case.”

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