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Sheena Bora murder case: Accused was present at the crime scene during time of murder


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Mumbai: If the Call Data Records (CDR) of accused Sanjeev Khanna are to be believed then it can be said that the ex-husband of Indrani was not present at the crime scene. This can be said since his CDR, submitted by Vodafone in the court, shows his location at only one place – that is, in his Worli-based hotel from the evening of April 24 till early morning on April 25.

The records were submitted in the court after Khanna moved a plea seeking the same through his advocate Shreyansh Mithare. This major twist in this mystery can dismantle the entire case of the prosecution, which has maintained that Khanna was present at the spot, where Sheena was killed. This revelation will not only dilute the prosecution case but will also falsify the testimony of Sheena’s boyfriend Rahul Mukherjea and also of the accused-turned-approver Shyamvar Rai.

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It may be recalled that the Central Bureau of Investigations has from day one maintained that Khanna had killed Sheena along with Indrani and Rai at Bandra between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm. The agency has relied on the testimony of Rahul, who was stated to have seen a six feet tall man with spectacles (Khanna), accompanying Indrani, when he (Rahul) went to drop Sheena near a Bandra college.

According to Rahul’s statements, he had seen this man (whom the CBI claims is Khanna) between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. Interestingly, even Rai had claimed that Khanna was very much present at the crime scene – when Sheena was killed in Indrani’s car. He had also stated that Khanna actively took part in killing Sheena. But now, going by the CDR, Khanna was present in his hotel room from 6:07 pm (on April 24) to 4:22 am (on April 25). The records also show that there have been several calls to and from Khanna.

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On the other hand, the CBI has claimed that Khanna had moved in and around the city extensively along with Indrani and Rai, post murder. It has claimed that Khanna went back to his hotel room and returned to Indrani’s house, only after getting a call from her at 4:22 am. The agency has said that after this call, Khanna along with Indrani and Rai had then headed to Pen in Raigad to dispose of Sheena’s body.

Meanwhile, during the cross examination of Rai on Tuesday, the former driver of Indrani failed to spell out what he had said to Mikhail, who had called him twice after Sheena’s murder. Rai also claimed that they (he, Indrani and Khanna) had moved nearly 80 feet downwards from the road to dispose of Sheena’s body. He had also said that none could see them from the road side. This confession, again, is contrary to the version of another prosecution witness, who has claimed to have seen the trio disposing Sheena’s body.

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