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Shedding kilos to experience joy of Motherhood


Mumbai: Even though there was nothing lacking in the life of 30-year-old Seema Aurora (name changed), she was unhappy as since was unable to experience joys motherhood. Reason- she was severely obese at 133 kg and this was preventing her from becoming pregnant.

Medical sources said that the fat deposits in an obese woman come in the way of her becoming pregnant and hence one solution for this is for such a person to lose weight. After proper investigations, the patient was taken up for bariatric surgery and her weight came down to 92 kilograms. And within a few months of this, she conceived.

Explaining the procedure, DrManoj Jain, consultant bariatric surgeon, said that this kind of surgery is carried out on patients who suffer from a high body mass index and are unable to lose weight by any other method. “Our first effort is encourage them to lose weight through diet and exercise and only when this fails, they are taken up for this surgery,” he said.

The reason why a woman is able to conceive after undergoing this surgery is that the hormonal balance improves and the ovulation becomes regular. When asked about her experience, the patient herself said that she had been trying to get pregnant for quite some time after her marriage but it was not happening due to her weight issues. “When I finally went for the surgery, my weight came down considerably and I was able to conceive and have got a wonderful gift of motherhood,” she said.

The advantage of bariatric surgery is that the patient gets discharged in three days and can even resume his normal work in a period of seven days. “However, they still have to take a proper diet and do medical follow ups at least for a period of two years,” he said.