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Seeking blood replacement is wrong practice, says FDA


Action notice All 63 banks in city to file details of donors sought for providing blood used in surgeries

Mumbai : The Food and Drug Association (FDA), Mumbai has issued a notice to all the 63 blood banks in the city asking details of blood replacements that have been done in the last one year.

FDA has enlisted in its notice issued last week a few categories like how many units of blood has been collected and how many blood transfusion officers have worked in these blood banks.

Officials said if 90 per cent of the blood donation has not been voluntary, then the ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) of that blood bank will stand cancelled.

Replacement blood donation is when a hospital asks friends and relatives of a patient to donate blood to restore the units utilised for the patient.

“The National Blood Policy formulated in 2002 states that no hospital should depend on replacement donors. The policy says that replacement blood donation should be gradually phased out,” said a senior doctor.

A senior official said when the blood is collected at blood banks or hospitals, it is their responsibility of arranging blood for any surgery or procedure.

As per the circular of the State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC), none of the blood bank or hospital should ask for replacement blood donor.

“According to reports from the last five years, more than one lakh units of blood were collected from replacement donors in the state, out of which 30 thousand blood units was collected in 2016-2017, which is against the circular,” said a senior official of SBTC.

The officials said they have asked all details about the percentage of voluntary blood donation and replacement blood donation.

“Under the norms, it was made clear that blood donation should be a voluntary basis, not as replacement. But there is no such compulsion to get blood through replacement donation,” added a senior official of FDA.

Know the rules

  • No objection certificate of a blood bank will be cancelled if the blood donation on its premises is not voluntary
  • Hospitals often ask friends or relatives of a patient to give blood to restore the units utilized for that particular patient
  • National blood policy states that replacement blood donation should be gradually phased out
  • State blood transfusion council notice said no bank or hospital should ask for replacement donor