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Religious trust in Maharashtra will soon have to donate portion of unused funds for public welfare


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Mumbai: The first-of-its-kind circular has been issued by the State Charity Commissioner to all it’s district-level officers with the instructions to form a committee of all the religious trusts in their respective districts and ask them to give a portion of their fund donated by the public for the cause. Shivkumar Dige, Charity Commissioner said this initiative would provide a sign for relief for farmers as every year, farmers commit suicide for failing to raise money for the marriages of daughters or sons.

“There are thousands of such religious trusts that come under our umbrella who would be asked to donate a portion of their unused fund for the public welfare. The money that public donate for God can be used for the marriages of daughters that lay unused in their bank accounts. And all these trustees have to follow the instructions,” said Shivkumar Dige, Commissioner of Charity Commission.

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Last week the circular has been sent to all the district officers and they have been instructed to form a committee of the local trusts in their respective districts. Following which, the Charity Commission would do a check on the members. Also, the considering the financial strength of the trusts, the percentage of donation would be decided which can vary from 15-20 per cent of the unused deposited fund in their bank accounts.

The trustee from Siddhivinayak said that the initiative would certainly help poor families but as it comes under the government until they pass the GR, they can not follow the instructions. “We come under the umbrella of the government. So, once we will get the instructions, we have to inform our committee who would inform the government. So, once the government pass a GR, we would be able to follow it,” said the official.

Commenting on it, Dige said that other than the government-run trusts there are several other trusts like Mahalaxmi, Mumbadevi trusts that come under Charity Commission would have to follow the new guidelines.