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Rahul represented Sheena as wife: Landlord Machado


Mumbai: The Sheena Bora murder case took a turn on Monday when landlord Dominic Machado told the CBI court in his cross-examination by Indrani Mukerjea’s counsel, Rahul Mukerjea represented Sheena as his wife. In his deposition, Machado shed light on the two-year joint agreement, he and his wife had made with Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea, he said, “In 2011 Rahul represented Sheena as his wife to me, therefore I allowed them to reside in my rented flat.”

Interestingly, when Rahul contacted Machado in July 2012 to terminate the agreement and to vacate the house, he told him Sheena has gone to the US for further studies. When he asked him as to how she went all of a sudden without informing him, Rahul said, “Sheena’s passport is with me. Her mother is an influencial woman, can make duplicate passport and send her to the US.”

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He further said he is unable to contact Sheena and gave him Indrani Mukerjea’s UK number and Mikhail Bora’s Guwahati number. “Rahul was asking for Rs 70,000 as security deposit, as he was going through financial crisis. But, I told him as it is a joint agreement presence of Sheena is necessary, only then we can terminate the agreement and return the amount,” said Machado.

Machado and his wife also wrote a letter to the MIDC Police station, Andheri East, that Sheena has left the country without informing them and they will give the security deposit in Sheen’s presence only. Meanwhile, in his cross-examination, Machado said even after contacting Mikhail and receiving a letter through Blue Dart he has not returned the security deposit to Rahul to date, as the Sheena’s signature was not matching with the one on the agreement.