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Pune: Woman strangulates her son to death, after being mentally tortured by her husband


On Sunday, a woman from Visapur village, Pune, strangulated her seven-month-old son to death. The woman took this drastic step after she couldn’t face her husband’s constant mental torture.

According to a report in Mid-Day, the accused was identified as Sunita Chavan, who while confessing to crime told Tasgaon police, that her husband thought that the baby was born out of an illicit relationship, as she became pregnant two months into their marriage. The seven-month-old deceased Aaryan Chavan’s grandfather Dinkar Tambekar later after filed a complaint with the police, based on which police registered a case and started investigating the matter.

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Umesh Dandile, assistant police inspector of Tasgaon police station, told the leading daily, “Initially, the child’s parents informed us that he died in sleep as he had a high fever. After we sent the body for post-mortem at a Miraj-based hospital, it was found that he was strangulated and his mouth was gagged. Thereafter, we called his parents Sunita and Arjun Chavan and interrogated them. That is when she confessed to her crime.”

Further, the police officer added, that as Sunita became pregnant within two months of their marriage, her husband suspected that the baby was born out of an illicit relationship. The husband became more suspicious after he figured out the fact that Aaryan looked like one of his wife’s maternal cousins. Hence, she was scared that her husband would disown her.

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