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Patidar votes could turn the tide for BJP in Gujarat: Survey


Mumbai: An internal survey by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat says that 40 sitting seats in 182-seat state Assembly will be in danger in the upcoming polls scheduled in December this year.

These seats are Lewa-Patidar dominated and have been against the BJP. A party observer who do not wish to be named claimed the 13 legislators who recently joined BJP after leaving Congress, are strong enough to tackle this issue. They will help BJP win. The party source revealed that north Gujarat, including Saurashtra is Lewa-Patidar dominated, and this caste has been demanding reservations in government jobs for the past two years.

“They are basically traders and rich people but the community is not highly educated. Hence their options are limited and only few of them take up government jobs.” He added, “This community migrated to Surat and the surrounding areas many decades ago dominating the diamond trade. Of late, the diamond business has been facing a slowdown due to domestic and global market disturbances. The once rich community was reduced to being middle class and since then they have been fighting for survival. In such a situation, their youth are facing problems as most families of the girls in Gujarat want rich grooms.”