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Passengers jump off slow moving train headed for Kalwa station


Mumbai Trains

Mumbai: Around 50 passengers who boarded a local train at Kurla railway station, jumped onto the Vikhroli railway station’s platform number one, after they realised that it was headed for the Kalwa railway carshed, a Government Railway Police (GRP) official said here today.

No passenger was injured since the speed of the train was slow and hence no complaint was registered, though the Vikhroli railway station master has made a note of the incident in his diary, GRP sub-inspector Sitaram Mali said.

“The incident happened at 11.07 am when a Kalwa railway carshed bound suburban local train reached Vikhroli station’s platform number one, where passengers jumped from the slow moving train,” the GRP official said.

“According to our preliminary enquiry, passengers said that no announcement was made at the Kurla railway station that passengers must not board the train since it was headed for the Kalwa railway carshed,” the GRP official said, adding that he has filed a report to the control room.

The passengers who had boarded the slow local train at Kurla railway station, which started from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), had erroneously expected the train to halt at all suburban local railway stations, in the absence of any announcement, the GRP official said.

However, after the slow suburban local train failed to stop at Vidyavihar and Ghatkopar railway stations, passengers jumped from their compartments in panic, onto the Vikhroli railway station platform, when it slowed down, after it failed to get a green signal, the GRP official said.

“When it did not halt at Vidyavihar and Ghatkopar railway stations, they panicked and jumped off at the next Vikhroli railway station in desperation,” the GRP official said.