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Over a lakh NGOs de-registered, show-cause notices to 40,000


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Mumbai: The Maharashtra Charity Commission has deregistered the licences of more than one lakh Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) who have failed to submit their audit reports for the last five years. This is in violation of rules of the commission for which they have also been served notices. The move comes after the charity commissioner noticed most of the errant trusts had not even submitted their annual statement of accounts since last five years.

“Around 1.2 lakhs Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have been de-registered in the state. We have also issued show-cause notices to the NGOs for blatant violation of the Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950 for not submitting submitted statement of accounts, present status of office-bearers and certificate of registration,” said Shivkumar Dige, charity commissioner.

There is around 7.5 lakhs different NGOs in a state of which 1.25 lakhs is in Mumbai itself. As per the rule of Maharashtra Public Trust Act 1950, all these NGOs have to submit the complete report after five years which includes audit report and any changes have been done in their trust.

“Most of these NGOs are related to education, health and social care and as per act they all have to submit a report after every five year. If they failed to do so we are liable to de-registered their license and take action against them as it clearly shows they are not following the rules,” added Dige.

He further said these NGOs can register again once they submit the complete report to the commission office with proper documents.
“If the NGOs gives the assurance of following the rules and submit complete report before they come registering it again,” senior official added.