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Norms laid down for Council after yesterday’s stand-off


Mumbai: A day after ministers and members of the ruling BJP-led coalition boycotted the proceedings of Maharashtra Legislative Council, Chairman Ramraje Nimbalkar today laid down some norms for smoother functioning.

Leader of the House and Revenue Minister Chandrakant Patil had yesterday said members of the ruling coalition will not take part in the proceedings until the “high-handedness” of Opposition was contained.

Nimbalkar today said it was decided at a meeting with senior members of all parties in his chamber that certain norms shall be followed from now on.

“Adjournment motions shall be moved only after Question Hour which will start at 12 pm sharp. Also, such motions shall be allowed only in exceptional circumstances, not otherwise,” Nimbalkar said. Whenever Opposition levels allegations, the government must be allowed to put forth its stand on the issue, he said.

A single calling attention motion shall get maximum of 15 minutes for discussion, not more, so that irrelevant issues are not raised, he said.

“You (Opposition) should learn the skill of asking pointed questions to get a satisfactory answer,” the Chairman said. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said yesterday’s impasse had been resolved.

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“Yesterday’s incident (of ministers and members of ruling parties walking out) did not happen due to any one reason but because of various issues of the past as well,” he said.

“Opposition has the right to protest, to come into the Well of House, but if allegations are levelled, it is not right if you do not allow the government to clarify its stand. This is a House of record,” Fadnavis said. If the government can not bring its stand on record, a wrong message goes to the people, the CM said.