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NGO to help students study English through DVDs


Mumbai : In an attempt to teach the English language to both teachers and students in the primary section of vernacular schools, the Bombay Community Public Trust (BCPT) has provided DVDs for free.

These DVDs contain lessons imparted in creative ways and interactive mediums which makes learning the English language simple and easy.

The DVDs include English lessons as per the syllabus of the Maharashtra government. The lessons are in the form of stories, animation, songs, discussions and puzzles to keep the students engrossed and make learning fun and effective.

The idea of these DVDs is a brain child of a social entrepreneur Astad Parakh in association with the BCPT, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), while the animation is created by Tata Interactive System, an education content development company.

These DVDs are provided for free to 470 vernacular schools across the city and around 4000 schools across the state up to the fourth standard. Over 2 lakh 85 thousand students across Maharashtra have benefited from these DVDs with around 80,000 students from the city itself. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently allowed these DVDs to be provided in all its schools.

Parakh said, “Both teachers and students in vernacular schools do not know the English language. And it is neither the fault of the teachers nor the students as both are from vernacular backgrounds. We all should understand that English is just a language or a medium to understand a particular subject, it is not the subject.”

The teachers in vernacular schools can are using these DVDs on a daily basis for students and also to brush up their own vocabulary. Shruti Mahapatra, a teacher at Somaiya Vidya Mandir School, said, “The content of these DVDs is interactive. The students are engrossed in the animated cartoon characters and songs which entertains them and helps them memorise lessons. It also helped us to strengthen our vocabulary as we teachers watch and follow the content regularly so that we can make the lessons interesting for the students.”

While Sachin Mohite, a teacher at Amar Kor Vidyalaya, added, “Various poems, rhymes and recitations are imparted in the form of a song with repetition of content. The students recite and repeat the poems to the tune of the songs and memorise it faster. Primary section is the foundation of any student therefore the basic knowledge of the English language should be strengthened at this age.”