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New Year 2018: Here are a bunch of offbeat places to celebrate New Year in Mumbai


Gateway of India

For those who feel 31st is all about drink crates and dancing till you go crazy then make way for these modernistic havens to give an exquisite touch to your celebrations. Disha Prashant brings to you a bunch of places to celebrate the New Year to your heart’s content

If you feel some serious frosty shivers down your spine and if your adrenaline rush has hit the zenith and if you just cannot hold on to your festive smirk then it is a sign to gear up for the New Year bash. 31st is just around the corner and we all are equally excited to make the most of it. From enjoying potlucks to dancing till you drop Mumbai is getting set to welcome the New Year. Trends change with a flick of a second and hence people today are inventing unique ideas and places to make the most of 31st. Since hotels and pubs and discs are packed to the brim with bookings creative souls are now heading to new venues to bring on the New Year.

If you belong to the exclusive breed of last minute party planners then here are some exquisite locations for you to celebrate 31st till you drop. We are talking about those last minute newfound destinations which are now becoming the talk of the town.

Asiatic Library

Strolling around the Asiatic library has always been a dream come true for a typical Mumbaikar soul. For someone who loves some good food and a peaceful walk then head over to Asiatic library. Sit by the stairs and enjoy the gleaming sky with starry night and some awesome street food. Anu Rathore a travel blogger and a regular visitor of Asiatic says, “It is so serene and eye catching to be around Asiatic on the night of 31st. You tend to meet unknown souls and seek an opportunity to strike a conversation and share your best moments. To sum it up in precise words this place turns into a magical human library.” While Asiatic has also been a famous destination for musical concerts keep your fingers crossed for some good old music for a soothing company.

Marine Drive

When we talk about finding a monogram that would represent the spirit of Mumbai, then Marine Drive would be the frontrunner. If you cannot be in London to visit the Queen you can surely see her necklace lining along the drive with some chilly wind in your air. To make this moment a tad more eventful sip on some drooling ginger tea and some masala fritters. For those who refrain from loud music and untamed dancing Marine Drive is your dream destination for the New Year bash. Khushi Sharma has been a regular at Marine Drive especially on the 31st. Sharing her love for the place she says, “I feel a serene connection with this place and I constantly crave to come back here. I am a peace-loving person and hence I celebrate 31st right here with my squad while we gorge on some alluring cuisines at the local joints.”

Gateway of India

How about taking New Year celebrations to the next level while taking a ride on the sea? No surprises here for we are rightfully talking about the Gateway of India. The place that marks the birth of Mumbai is one of the most visited places for the New Year bash. The best part about being at Gateway is to enjoy a little boat ride gazing at the starry sky and releasing some sky lanterns wishing for a merry New Year. Gateway always has a special place for Shantanu and Sonali for this the place their love story began. “We make sure to be at gateway every 31st for this place has seen our journey from being friends to being soulmates. Celebrating 31st here is very special for it marks our wedding anniversary along with the New Year. We enjoy a boat ride while sinking into the ambrosial feel of the Taj and hangout at a local joint for some drinks and dinner,” says she.


Bandstand/ Carter road

For all the filmy heads Bandstand is one place you just cannot miss this 31st. With its tranquiling scenario and the melodious sound of the waves gushing against the rocks Bandstand ensures to make the best of 31st for you. With your favourite filmstars staying right here if your stars are just too lucky you might as well spot one while taking a stroll. This spot has been a favourite for youngsters chilling here. Just make sure to stay off trouble to avoid entangling with law.


If you cringe at the thought of ear bursting music and are the flag bearer of peace on New Year with some food for thought then a walk along the Victorian Fort area crossing Flora fountain and heading towards Mumbai University is your prized destination. Bring on your gang and gorge on some piquant wraps, drooling masala omelettes with crispy buttered bread followed by some tea and raise a toast to the New Year. Saira Naik feels at home despite being away from home for the past four years. “I came to Mumbai due to work related opportunities and since then have never missed being here on the New Year. We are a bunch of crazy roomies and love this place for its simplicity,” says she.

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Garden

One of the most loved and frequently visited places in Mumbai is the Hanging garden. There is nothing more amazing than an eye soothing green view with cool winds for some company. For people for whom nature is the best pal, hanging garden is sure to give you some lifelong memorabilia. This place makes for the perfect 31st spot for you to hang out with close friends and family.

Juhu Beach

For a fun outing with friends and to go back into the water baby mode Juhu beach has special invite for hydro lovers out there. From kite flying to striking conversation with strangers and all this with a serene sunset background this place is apt for making the best of 31st. For all the sand lovers, the beach is sure to calm your nerves and help you take a giant plunge into the New Year with umpteen energy and vigour.