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Never give up your job, Amruta Fadnavis advises working women


CM’s wife was addressing the CII – IWN summit on ‘Women Nation-The Power of us’

Mumbai: The important qualities needed in women to become leaders in their respective profession were discussed at a summit organised in the city.

Addressing the media, Amruta Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy Vice-President – Corporate Head, Axis Bank said that she had decided to continue her work life even after her husband became Chief Minister of Maharashtra to maintain her identity.

“I have got that inspiration from my mother, who is an ophthalmologist. I have seen her continue to work all through,” added Fadnavis .

Advising women to continue their work life even after childbirth, Fadnavis also said, “You can give up a promotion and take a break, but you must never give up your job. When we are talking of empowering women and equality for women, we have to become an example for our children to follow in their life.”

The discussion was conducted at a summit on ‘Women Nation-The Power of us’ which was organised by CII – IWN (Indian Women Network) on Saturday.

Anu Aga, Director of Thermax Limited, said, “Women must develop qualities like self-confidence, assertiveness, give up feeling guilty and be caring to become leaders.”

“I feel, however successful women are, they are not sure of themselves. Men will easily make claims. Hence, it is important that women develop their own self goals,” added Aga.

Explaining the difference between caring and being neurotic in women, Aga said, “When an 18-old teenage girl is out on a party, the mother cannot eat or sleep. And as she comes back, the mother says how much she loved her and all which is termed as neurosis”.

 “If you give right label to it, you will stop it. But if you keep on nurturing that feeling and you say I still love her, the problem will persist,” added Aga.

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