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NCP leader Supriya Sule says her homemaker mother complains of inflation


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Mumbai: Pratibha Pawar, wife of Sharad Pawar, chief of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) still goes to the vegetable market, books gas cylinder on her own and expresses concern over inflation, Supriya Sule, NPC leader and Pawar’s daughter revealed her mother’s life as a homemaker and how she suffers because of the hike in rates of gas cylinder and vegetables.

During a Halla Bol morcha at Amalner in Jalgaon district, Sule while addressing the rally criticized inflation and gave her mother’s example. “Despite wife of Sharad Pawar, she still goes to vegetable market and complains about hike in rate of vegetables,” said Sule.

She added, people may remember the advertisement aired on channels before 2014 poll, a woman showed complaining inflation during Congress-NCP regime. “My mother told us how our government was responsible for inflation and I had no option, but to listen her. Now, she says, Congress-NCP days were good than that of Bharatiya Janata Party government,” said Sule.

Sule, while praising Ajit Pawar, NCP leader, said, “He is straight forward. Someone do not like his straight speaking. But, he is better than people who shows daylight dreams and give false assurances.” Her target was chief minister Devendra Fadnavis. She said, Maharashtra needs Ajit Pawar for the development.