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Mumbai: Name Virat Kohli’s girlfriend query stumps school, parents


Mumbai : Who is Virat Kohli’s Girlfriend? The options given are: (Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone).

Believe it or not, but this was a question that was asked in an exam for ninth standard students in a school at Bhiwandi recently.

Sources said that this question was actually asked in the test that was being taken for the physical training subject in the school. The half yearly exam took place on October 13, and this question has now gone viral on the social media.

The school in question is the Chacha Nehru Hindi School at Bhiwandi and the students and parents are wondering how this question could be asked in the exam, since this is not part of the syllabus.

Sources said that since the regular PT teacher was on leave, the question paper was set by one Monoj Roy, who is the Hindi teacher.

When asked to comment on this issue, the school principal, Adhyashankar Pandey, admitted that this was a mistake and that they have already issued a show cause notice to the concerned teacher. “We will carry out a detailed inquiry in this matter and will take action as per the instructions of the school management,” he said.

Meanwhile, parents of young students have demanded that strict action must be taken against the particular teacher in this regard. They are also wondering if the school will give marks to those who attempted the question and got the answer wrong, since this was not part of the syllabus.