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Nagpur: Selling of loose beer may prove costly for wine shop owners


Nagpur: A series of events unveiled in Nagpur after the direction of Supreme Court that sale of liquor is prohibited within a distance of 500 metres of all major State and National Highways within effect from April 1, as many wine shops were providing spaces to people for drinking at an extra charge. Other reports were also published that the vicinities were full of drunkards who were menace to residents living around, Chinese stall were flourishing and women couldn’t move safely without a victim of ‘eve teasing’.
The district administration began crackdown on the wine shops selling ‘loose beer’ and suspended licenses of shops for a week. Accordingly, a show cause notice was also issued to the license holders. Later conducting a hearing in the matter, the district collector ordered suspension of the license.
State Excise Department has stopped renewal of licenses to the wine shops located within the aforesaid distances.
Due to the steep fall in the business the shop owners started selling loose beer and sometimes they also provide space to drinking individuals.