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Mumbra’s first vegetarian building, bars residents from selling flats to meat eaters


Thane: In an unusual step, a housing complex in Mumbra has barred its residents from selling flats to meat-eaters. The police have intervened and the board has been taken off now.

The residents of  Shiv Darshan society in Mumbra were shocked to see the board instructing them to restrain from selling their flat to non-vegetarians. They opposed the move saying that there was no such rule in all these years. Devata Mangala, a resident of the apartment said, “I have been living here since 35 years. There was no such rule.”

Mangala further said that it will create problem for residents who want to sell their flats. It is people’s choice what  they want to eat. There are only few who are in favour of the ban and they had put the board which was politically motivated, claimed the resident.

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Another resident requesting anonymity said, “Majority of the residents here are meat-eaters and there was never such a problem. The  office-bearers do not have problem with the meat-eaters but some wanted to target certain community.”

The officials declined to comment and refuted any such claims. The eight-storey building was constructed 35 years ago. The vegetarians-only policy, introduced a few years ago, has become a major irritant for many residents.

Geeta Muley, who wants to sell her one-room kitchen home, said, “My son is enrolled in a Vashi college and to make commuting easier for him, we decided to shift to Kalyan Phata. The moment my husband and I started looking for a buyer, we were told that only vegetarians will be allowed to stay here.” “Many non-vegetarian people reside in the society. They have never been asked to change their preferences or move out,” she claimed without giving specific names.

Shiv Darshan doesn’t have a formal society committee. Its developer, Thane-based political leader Bhola Patil, said the board was installed a couple of years ago. “This was a decision by society members. Putting up such a board or imposing a blanket ban (on non-vegetarians) is not right and I have asked the members to take it down,” he said.

Patil added, “Mule family knew about the vegetarians-only policy, when they bought the house five years ago. “This rules are not new. Why are they making an issue now?” he said.