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Mumbai’s largest lake Modak Sagar overflows


Mumbai : While there are isolated showers in South Mumbai, there is a lot to be happy about for citizens, as there are no more fears of water cuts. Modak Sagar, one of the biggest lakes supplying water to Mumbai has begun overflowing due to the good amount of rainfall the city observed from Friday onwards. On Saturday morning at 6.32 am the lake started overflowing. Modak Sagar provides 440 million litres of water to the city on daily basis.

The city’s daily water requirement is of 3,750 million litres which is fulfilled from the seven lakes named Tulsi, Vihar, Tansa, Upper Vaitarna, Middle Vaitarna and Bhatsa with Modak Sagar.

The officials of the Hydraulic Department of the BMCstated that if the good rain continues all the rest of the lakes will also cross the required stock limit of water which the city requires.