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Mumbai: Woman turns man, man turns woman and then they marry


Mumbai: Aarav Appukuttan, a 46-year-old man from Kerala who was born a girl, recently underwent a sex-change operation. After the surgery at a Mumbai hospital, he fell in love with Sukanyeah Krishna a 22-year-old man. He underwent surgery at the same clinic to become a woman.

Appukuttan overheard Sukanyeah talking over the phone to her parents in Malayalam, since Appukuttan knew the language, he started a casual conversation with her that led to exchange of numbers and that got them talking and chatting.

Both of them had a difficult childhood. Aarav would have long hair till the age of 13 and would sit with girls and in his class and would feel uncomfortable because he was attracted to them. He had spoken to his mother about it. However, doctor asked him to wait for a few years before he began the treatment.

“I used to hate my body and wanted to cut it sometimes. But, I had to restrain myself and keep my feelings in check for 45 years. I always behaved like everything was normal,” he said to Hindustan Times. His problems only grew after a few years after his mother passed away, his father remarried. He knew he had to take care of his siblings for he looks into his own problems.

Sukanyeah also suffered Gender Identity Disorder (GID) after her father died. Her mother took her to a doctor, who started her on male hormone therapy immediately. “With the therapy, my facial and body structure changed. I started developing muscles, my shoulders became broader and I lost a lot of hair on my head,” she said to Hindustan Times.

She said she was put on a high-protein diet, meant to aid her muscle development. “No one understood what I was going through. During my Class 10 board exams, I fainted owing to the pressure,” she said to the Hindustan Times.

The couple are soon to be married and their friends are expecting a grand celebrations, “We wanted a small marriage ceremony, but our friends are asking for a treat. So, we will have a grand wedding.” said Aarav to Hindustan Times.

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