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Mumbai: Vada Pav seller to donate day’s earnings to stampede victim’s kin


Mumbai: Mangesh Ahibale, (40) a ‘vada pav’ seller outside Elphinstone Road Station has found an unique and interesting way to rope in Mumbaikars for a good cause. Ahibale has decided to put up a ‘vada pav’ counter on October 14 and collect money for a family of a person who died in the horrific stampede at Elphinstone Road bridge.

On Saturday, Ahibale has decided to sell ‘vada-pav’ from 10am to 8pm. “I believe that vada pav is an emotion which only Mumbaikars can understand. I have hence decided to sell them at Rs 5 and collect money for donating the family,” said Ahibale.

Ahibale with his family and friends will sell them at a minimum cost of Rs 5 to attract more people. “The idea behind this cause is to help Haldankar’s family after they lost their sole bread winner of the family. 21-year-old Mayuresh Haldankar was killed in the stampede at Elphinstone road bridge on September 29,” said Ahibale.

Ahibale added that Haldankar belonged to a very humble family. “Mayuresh’s father is retired, his mother is a housewife and sister is pursuing graduation at a city college. I know the family as they reside at Elphinstone Road. I met the parents after the incident and realised that they had lost their only bread winner,” added Ahibale.

Ahibale decided to donate money to the family by putting up an additional stall in the same area. “I sell vada-pav at Rs 10 at my own counter and I will sell them at Rs 5 at the additional counter on Saturday. I will also be putting up a donation box for those who refuse to eat vada pav and decide to only donate money,” he added. Ahibale will be donating the money to Mayuresh’s father on the same day. If people wish to contribute to this venture they can go to his stall on October 14, from 10.00 am- 8.00 pm.