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Mumbai University law student gets only two marks in paper, files police complaint


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After months of high tension on Mumbai University (MU) results, the fiasco still continues. Now, a student pursuing the Bachelor of Legal Sciences and Bachelor of Law (BLS LLB) degree has filed a written complaint seeking action against former vice-chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh, other MU officials and head of MeritTrac (the firm which was appointed for on-screen marking). Apparently, the student only got two marks and alleges that MU has cheated him.

Mandar Pande (the complainant) has claimed that he scored only two marks as MU lost his main answer sheet. Mandar, who is currently pursuing BLS LLB, had appeared for the Family Law-I paper on May 19. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, he claims that he solved the paper on the main answer sheet and asked for a supplementary sheet. But when the results were declared on August 27, he found to his distress that he had scored only two marks in the paper.

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He then applied for photocopies of his answer sheet, but when he got the photocopy on November 21, he only got the extra supplements and not the main answer sheet. He also applied for re-evaluation of paper but haven’t received any result till date.

After all this, he filled university’s grievance redressal form, but didn’t get any answer, and Simultaneously applied for ATKT exams, which were held on November 24.

Mandar Pande told Mumbai Mirror, “I had attempted questions for 98 marks of the paper on the main answer sheet. I went through all the relevant procedures of the university but got no response. They took money for the photocopy and the re-evaluation but did nothing. When I went to the university for a follow-up, an official said he was helpless. How many trips should I make to the university to follow up on my applications? As a last resort, I filled the grievance redressal form and waited for 15 days for them to revert. Finally, I decided to complain to the police. In another two months, I will get my ATKT results. It will anyway reflect poorly on my academic record.”

After receiving Mandar’s complaint, BKC police has said that they will first probe the complaint and then decide the next course of action.