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Mumbai traffic cop video: Cop controls traffic in rain for two hours without raincoat, umbrella; watch video


Rain has hit the city and a traffic police stationed at Akurli Road, off the Western Express Highway, in Kandivli (E) managed the traffic movement without a raincoat or umbrella. Pictures and videos captured by a passerby of the cop on his duty despite heavy rain for two-and-a-half hours were shared on social media and people are lauding his efforts.

“The traffic cop should be rewarded and acknowledged for his terrific dedication. This is the difference between duty and a job,” wrote one while sharing the video. As per the reports, the video was shot by a motorist and has gone viral on social media.

And because of his efforts, traffic was smooth without any inconvenience. Twitterati are also praising his efforts who did his job under extremely stressful and difficult conditions. Check out the tweets below:

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