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Mumbai: Three out of five housing projects stuck under MHADA’s Konkan board


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Mumbai: Atleast three out of five housing projects undertaken by Konkan board of Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority (MHADA) have been stuck due to land ownership issues in these areas. The state government is yet to give a final approval for constructing homes as there are grasslands located in three areas.

The Konkan board of MHADA is set to provide a total number of at least 32,000 homes in five areas of Panvel, Bhiwandi, Satara, Thane and Kalyan. Out of the total housing projects, projects in areas of Thane, Bhiwandi and Satara have been stuck as the permission to construct homes in these areas are yet to be given.

“The land in these areas are used for grazing purpose and we had to receive a number of approvals from the concerned authorities to construct homes. The official at Thane collector office gave us the approval after a proposal was sent and we are yet to send a similar proposal to state government for constructing houses in these areas,” added a senior MHADA official.

The Konkan unit will see 32,000 homes being built under PMAY. Of them, Shirdhon village near Panvel will have 16,548 homes, highest in the region. In Khoni village near Bhiwandi 8810 homes, Ghoteghar in Satara will have 3808 and Bhandarli in Thane will have at least 2096 homes.

The MHADA official said the permission to construct 14 floor buildings in the housing projects under Konkan board is also yet to be received.

“We have received an approval to construct seven floor buildings under Konkan board. We would send a proposal to Urban Development to permit us to construct extra seven floors for the projects to be completed,” added the official. The Konkan board of Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority (MHADA)is all set to conduct lottery for 2000 homes in May 2018 under the Pradhan Mantri Awaj Yojna (PMAY).

The 2000 homes are being constructed in Khoni village in Kalyan bhiwandi stretch which are part of 32,000 homes which would be constructed by Mhada ‘s konkan unit alone. Apart of konkan, a total number of 42,000 homes are being constructed under the PMAY project in Pune, Aurangabad,Nashik and Amravati.