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Mumbai: Three cops attacked in Wadala with iron rods, swords


Mumbai: There has been a sharp rise in the number of police officers getting injured as a result of street violence in the last three months, the latest of which took place on Sunday afternoon in Bhartiya Kamla nagar near Ram Mandir in Wadala. Police sub-inspector Sandeep Govind Mane, constable Sohail Ejaz Shaikh and Ravi Madhu Lohare of the Wadala Truck Terminal police station were injured while trying to stop a fight between two groups.

The fight took place between a group of four comprising of Faisal Khan, Fayyaz Shaikh, Sadiq Shaikh and Bunny and Nasim Khan and Shahrukh Khan who have a history of enmity between them.

On getting the information that a fight had broken out and there was widespread panic among the public, the three policemen rushed to the spot. The fact that the attackers were armed spread more fear in the locality.

Describing the incident, the police explained that the attackers had terrorized the locality with their unruly behavior. “The four attackers were equipped with iron rods and swords and got into a fight with Nasim and Shahrukh Khan, who reside in Raza gully in Wadala (E). The goons had previous enmity with the Khans. When the Khans called up the Wadala T.T. police station to inform that the goons were creating a ruckus, the three police officers reached the spot to control the situation,” said Sushil Kamble, Senior Police Inspector, Wadala T.T.police station.

Sadiq hit Mane hard on his head with an iron rod and did not stop there. Sadiq later hit Mane with sword on his right hand which made Mane fall unconscious on the road. When constable Shaikh tried to intervene, Sadiq and his accomplices Faisal, Fayyaz and Bunny beat him up too.  Shaikh has sustained grievous injuries on his back.  Constable Lohare was also physically assaulted by the four.

Speaking to Free Press Journal, Datta, owner of a paan shop witnessed the incident. “The four people had created a riot like atmosphere and beat up people. It is shocking those who are to maintain law and order and protect us were targeted by these goondas. It is scary, who will protect ordinary people like me?” asked the paanwala.