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Mumbai: Sunil Tatkare alleges Devendra Fadnavis loves Gujarat and allows projects to shift


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Mumbai: The Nationalist Congress Party has accused Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for being in love with the neighbouring state Gujarat and is allowing all major projects to be diverted then he should also take the Nanar project to Gujarat.  Sunil Tatkare, the state president of NCP said, his party will not allow Nanar project to be set up in Konkan and Fadnavis can actually shift it to Gujarat.

Tatkare, while commenting upon statement of Sudhir Mungantiwar, minister for finance said, Fadnavis can with happily shift Nanar project to Gujarat. “Fadnavis loves and prefers Gujarat for investment and hence allowed International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) to Gujarat,” said Tatkare. Mungantiwar on Monday while speaking with media persons said, Nanar can be shifted to Gujarat if people of Konkan will oppose it.

Tatkare clarified NCP chief Sharad Pawar did not said Nanar should be set up in Konkan. “Pawar said the project is good and it must be come up. But he further said, the place for the project may be different than Konkan,” Tatkare clarified.

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“We have lost flora and fauna of Konkan due to chemical factories in Konkan. There are chemical zone in Lote Parshuram, Roha and in several cities in Konkan. The pollution has created health issues. Hence we had decided in 2013-14 when I was minister, not to bring more chemical companies in Konkan region,” said Tatkare. He added, During erstwhile Congress-NCP alliance regime, the state cabinet had approved his proposal of not to set up more chemical industries in Konkan.

Backing Sangram Jagtap, accused in murder of two Sena leaders in Ahmednagar and party legislator, Tatkare said, Sangram is innocent and its a conspiracy to involve him in murder case. “We have demand to conduct the case fast track court. We condemn the attack on office of Superintendent of Police and we also demand to take action against those responsible for the attack even they will be our party workers. But we believe, Sangram Jagtap is not involved in any case,” Tatkare claimed.