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Mumbai: Street dog goes missing, woman lodges complaint against her neighbour


Mumbai: In a yet another case of a fight over strays, two neighbours have indulged in a spat and the matter has now reached the police station. A woman has filed a complaint with Dongri police alleging that one of her neighbours has been instrumental in the sudden disappearance of a stray dog, as he used to abuse the stray regularly.

The woman, Roshni Machado (41), a resident of Dongri, has filed a complaint against her neighbour Anthony Martis (63) for threatening her and her sons after she sought to know from him the whereabouts of the missing stray.

According to Machado’s complaint, this street dog would stay in her church premises since past one and a half years. She is miffed that nobody except Martis had any problems with this stray. “None in the parish seemed to mind this animal staying here. In fact many were fond of the stray which was a loving one. This animal never attacked or bit anyone,” the complaint states.

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“I would like to mention that only a few people were against this poor animal and have treated him badly. One of whom is Mr Martis who used to hit the dog every day. He used to abuse the animal and kick it often. After confronting him, he kept abusing me and even challenged to kill the dog and said he will ensure that the animal is not to be seen again,” Roshni’s complaint reads.

Machado’s advocate Asif Naqvi said the police have not been doing anything in this case. “The police are not doing anything in this case and are only wasting my client’s time. We would soon be sending a legal notice to the cops and if required, we would not hesitate to approach Bombay High Court for appropriate orders,” Naqvi said.