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Mumbai: State-government’s free public WiFi will soon start pushing advertisements



In today’s world, WiFi is not a lifestyle it is a necessity. Well, who doesn’t like high-speed internet? And it feels great when you get that high-speed internet totally free. With the introduction of state-government’s high-speed public internet service, life around us seemed so sorted out. But hold on! Henceforth, you may get advertisements about discounts and offers from local shops around you.

The advertisements will be of two types – local based and content based. For instance, in location based advertisements, if the user is in Mumbai Central he may get advertisements of offers and discounts from shops and retailers near him. While content based advertisements depends on the profile and viewing habits of the users.

Currently, users are allowed to use the internet service free of cost, the state now plans to also launch a combination of free and paid models by April 2017. With the new model, the users can use internet up to a certain limit for free, after which paid plans will be applied.

In January, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the first phase of the free WiFi service that covered 510 hotspots. The project aims to cover 1,200 hotspots across the city by May. The project is considered as one of the largest high-speed public networks in the world. The state government plans to spend Rs 194 crore on the project within duration of five years, among which Rs 130 crore will be utilised for the bandwidth and rest on hardware and equipments.