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Mumbai: Standard Operating Procedures for kidney transplant, within a week


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Mumbai : A meeting of the 15-member government-appointed committee had a crucial meeting on Thursday in which it was decided that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for verification of live transplants will be put in place within a week.

Kidney specialists across the city had protested against the arrest of five doctors of Hiranandani Hospital at Powai in connection with the kidney transplant racket that was busted there. Some of these doctors were part of the authorisation committee that had cleared the papers for a live related transplant.

Investigations had later revealed that the recipient who was supposed to receive the kidney transplant had got a woman to pose as his wife. The Powai police had received a tip off that this was a manipulated case and they stopped the transplants before this could happen and made several arrests.

This had led to medicos across the city saying that there should be new SOPs in place which should not have any role for doctors in the verification process. In fact, the kidney specialists have not been doing any transplant since this issue came up and have demanded that the new guidelines should be place before they can start the work again.

According to Dr Umesh Khanna, consultant nephrologist, the committee has been considerate to their demand of not making doctors part of the verification process in the transplant program. “We are very happy that the state administration has been understanding on this issue and after this we can start the transplant work again,” he said.

Sources said the biggest fallout between the State government and the doctors over this issue is that kidney patients are suffering. “The transplant surgeons have refused to carry out any surgeries till this issue is cleared and hence the patients are suffering in a serious manner,” another doctor said.

Once the SOPs are in place, it will be possible for the doctors to start the transplants again, sources said. “This is not a protest that we are not doing kidney transplants right now. We only want to ensure that we do not have any role in the verification part and are only responsible for medical care of the patients,” another surgeon said