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Mumbai shocker: 8-year-old walks home without arm; passers-by look on


Mumbai: An 8-year-old girl lost her arm after it got stuck in the lift. The girl, Archana Tale, walked back home almost for half an hour, without the arm and nobody cared to help her on the way.

Archana’s mother Meena said to the Hindustan Times, “I was shocked to find out that nobody helped her. She walked alone for 30 minutes from her tuition class. She kept telling me Mummy mala doctor kade gheun chal, majha haath tutla (Mummy please take me to a doctor, my hand has been severed). In fact, it was she who consoled me. She’s a brave girl.”

The incident occurred around 5pm in Kasarvadvli when Archana was about to attend her tuition class. “One of her slippers came off after exiting the lift and she put her hand through the door to grab it. But the man who was already inside did not see her and started the lift. It was here that her was severed. What stunned us that the man did nothing to help the girl,” said senior inspector D Dhole form Kasarvadavli police station to Hindustan Times.