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Mumbai shivers as min temperature dips 6 deg C below normal


Mumbai bonfire

Mumbai: The country’s financial capital has been witnessing lower than normal average temperatures for the last three days, an unusual phenomenon since a decade, a Regional Meteorology Centre official said here today. Today, Mumbai recorded minimum temperature of 11.4 degrees Celsius, which was six degrees below the normal for the month of December. The minimum usually is 17 degrees Celsius at this time of the year.

“This was the second lowest minimum temperature recorded during the last ten years,” the official said, adding that the lowest temperature in the month of December in Mumbai was recorded in 1949 when it touched 10.6 degrees Celsius. Attributing the present chill to the cold northerly winds, the official said, these winds are reaching upto the north coastal Maharashtra from across Rajasthan and Gujarat and thus leading to drop in the minimum temperatures in all these areas.

The maximum temperatures too have witnessed a slight dip in the city, the official said, adding that this cold spell would continue till the wind patterns do not change.