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Mumbai: Shielding perpetrators by government is inexcusable, says Shashi Tharoor


Mumbai, Shielding perpetrators, Government, Shashi Tharoor, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Congress, AIPC, MP, rape cases in india, prime minister, narendra modiMumbai: Anil Dharker having conversation with Shashi Tharoor at the launch of "Why I AM A HINDU" at NCPA, in Mumbai on Wednesday. (Photo by Bhushan Koyande)

Mumbai: The recent incidents of rapes of two minor girls and the delay shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the problem has not gone down well with the Congress party. Dr Shashi Tharoor the Congress Member of Parliament (MP) while addressing the members of All India Professionals Congress (AIPC) said the government shielding the perpetrators is inexcusable.

“We cannot blame the PM of every rape that occurs in our country. But what happened in Kathua and Unao, where perpetrators are being shielded, that is inexcusable. Look at our society, defending the horrors that happened is  not something we have seen before. The government defending the perpetrators is inexcusable,” said Tharoor in Mumbai.

He added, the there is a widespread feeling of religion coming in way of working. “The widespread feeling of religion coming in way of working and there is a fear of being labelled. Innumerable crimes done in name of religion today. This climate did not prevail in India that I lived in,” said Tharoor. Tharoor added, “These incidents have wounded the soul of India.” Tharoor the chairman of AIPC and Milind Deora former MP, were in Mumbai on Wednesday to address the talk on ‘The state of India and its future,’ which was moderated by Govindraj Ethiraj.

Speaking of the current environment, Deora said, “Whichever government comes to power in 2019, it will take them four years to resolve the social, political issues which are soon to become a concern for national security.”

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While replying to a question posed by a participant regarding India’s handling of Doklam stand-ff with China, Tharoor explained how China has returned to construct the road. He was also asked about the action during Bharatiya Janta Party led government in comparison to the Congress regime.

Tharoor in his tongue-in-cheek style, said the BJP government had mismanaged the Doklam issue with China now paving the road again. He also pulled up the government for making loud proclamations after conducting raids in Myanmar, which Congress government too had done but had ensured not to cause embarrassment to the Myanmar government.

“The government failed and should have avoided grandiose claim of diplomacy in both the cases. You may not do anything, but taking political credit may be fine for domestic purpose, it does not work in foreign policy,” said Tharoor.  Both the Congress leaders admitted to the audience they failed to communicate a lot of their achievements as a government to the citizens and promised their narratives we will be more lucid in coming days.