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Mumbai: Satyam lodge built up 290 illegal rooms unearthed in Thane


Civic body officials find an underground lodge with 290 rooms in Thane while demolishing dance bars in the area

Mumbai: This could well be one of the rare illegal constructions that even the authorities could never have imagined. Sanjeev Jaiswal Commissioner of Thane Municipal Corporation had ordered on Wednesday to demolish all ladies bars in Thane. The officials undertook this mission and after demolished these bars.

While on this mission, some officials were drawn to a lodge with underground rooms in its premises. Stayam lodge, near the Upvan lake in Thane, had uniquely planned these underground rooms. Jaiswal and additional commissioner, Sunil Chavan led this team and ordered complete demolition of this lodge.

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The lodge was camouflaged uniquely. From outside it appeared as a ground level hotel, which looked as if there were no rooms. However, when the Thane civic officials entered the Satyam Lodge, they found a ground floor, mezzanine and 2 storeys below were found.

The officials were convinced that there were illegal activities being conducted in this lodge. Firstly the underground rooms are illegal and the suspicious activities aroused the suspicion of some people who had tipped off the civic officials.

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The Thane civic team demolished five dance bars, eight lodges including Satyam, 25 dhabbas, 10 hotel sheds, 25 garages and 30 furniture showrooms. The team was led by Jaiswal, Additional Municipal Commissioner Chavan, Additional Municipal Commissioner Ashok Kumar Rankhamb led 10 special vigilance teams to demolish all these illegal structures.