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Mumbai: RPF receives good response to helpline number ‘1512’


Mumbai: The Government Railway Police (GRP) has received a good response after its launch of its new ‘helpline number 1512’ which helps the commuters in distress to connect with the officials. More than 2000 calls have been attended by the railway police officials on both central and western line after the number was launched in October 2017.

The railway police has installed a new control room which tracks the movement of railway police officials with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) system. ‘R-tracker’ is a mobile application which are installed on the mobile phones of a GRP official to receive the distress messages.

“After a distressed commuter dials the helpline number, the call is received by an official at the control room. The control room then alerts the concerned GRP personnel at the station to attend to the distress call by the commuter,” said a railway police official. Approximately 2149 calls have been attended by the concerned GRP personnels on both the lines till November 9. The helpline number ‘1512’ was launched to help commuters in distress.

“We have received a good response from commuters travelling in local trains on both the lines. We received calls related to missing luggages, quarrel between female commuters inside the train, train accidents, travelling in reserved compartment without a valid ticket and unclaimed luggages,” added the official.

The new helpline number has slashed the response time and railway police officials are able to respond to the distress calls at the earliest. “Calls related to theft and issues related to security of women are also attended by the railway police officials. The officials are able to respond to the distress calls early as their movement is tracked and they are able to reach the spot at the earliest,” said a GRP official.

How the helpline works?

The commuter in distress has to dial ‘1512’ for help.

The concerned official at the control room attends the call and alerts the concerned railway police with help of GPS.

The movement of railway police is tracked using ‘R tracker’ and the concerned official attends to the distress call after reaching the spot.

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