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Mumbai: When Ravindra ‘Robinhood’ Gaikwad came to public’s rescue


Latur: Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has yet again landed in a soup, but this one seems slightly in his favour as he managed to garner the support of the public this time.

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The MP was spotted arguing with an SBI Bank manager in Latur on Wednesday. In the mobile video that’s gone viral, the bank manager can be seen trying to explain to Gaikwad his helplessness to deposit cash in ATM machines, but the MP was in no mood to listen. Although speaking in support of demonetisation, Gaikwad hit out at the bank for playing foul and protecting the interests of selected customers.

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The locals standing outside the ATM had smiles on their faces, as they were happy that the Shiv Sena MP’s intervention had got bank officials to ensure that ATM machines, out-of-service for a while, started dispensing cash.

Female customers said that they were thankful to Gaikwad for arguing with the bank manager by staging a ‘dharna’ at the SBI ATM.