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Mumbai: Railways plan AC local train trail this December


Mumbai: Suburban commuters waiting to enjoy AC in local trains in the city may just have to wait a bit longer. After successful trials in the Kurla carshed, the railways authorities now plan to take trails on the main railways tracks. The trails on tracks of AC local will be taken for a three months, starting from the first week of December.

During the static trials at the Kurla carshed, the railways faced many problems, but managed to successfully complete the trial runs. It has been reported, that the railways conducted 19 trail runs in the carshed, after overcoming some of the initial technical glitches.

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According to sources, the railways are working on local test on tracks, but have yet not decided the exact area and time.

Sources added that, the main priority during the AC local trails on the main tracks, will be to ensure that the regular Central Railway suburban train services are not be affected.

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It’s been seven months since the Rs 54 crore AC local trains arrived in Mumbai city. The trail runs for the trains in the Kurla carshed were initiated somewhere in September.

Train Specs…

  • Each train compartment can seat 1,028 people, with additional capacity of 4,936 standees
  • GPS based address system
  • Trains has Vestibules connecting coaches – each train is divided into two interconnected sets of six coaches
  • The trains body is fully made of Stainless steel