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Mumbai: Private hospitals not following guidelines for treating swine flu


Mumbai: After a surge of swine flu deaths and infection in the first half of 2017 in the city, a senior health official said on Monday that private hospitals are not following appropriate protocol for treating patients showing H1N1 symptoms. According to data released by the civic health department, 250 cases of H1N1 were reported in the city from July 1 to July 15 out of which five deaths were reported.

The health official said they had given training to doctors of private hospitals and healthcare centres on H1N1. “It was found that patients showing symptoms of swine flu were not treated on time and doctors were not following proper guidelines for treating it. Hence, training is given to the doctors of private hospitals and healthcare centres to follow the guidelines,” Dr. Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, said.

The data showed that from January 2017 to July 15, 2017, 874 cases of H1N1 have been reported in and outside of Mumbai. It also revealed that 22 people died due to the H1N1 virus out of whom eight are from outside the city.

“The number of cases detected this year have shown slow progression until May after which it began rising. We are also communicating with doctors in private and civic hospitals to ensure that swine flu patients get treatment without the need for hospitalization or waiting for test results,” an official of the health department said.

The officer said the main reasons for patients dying from H1N1 are late treatment, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. If patients start showing symptoms for more than 24 hours, treatment should follow immediately.

“The H1N1 virus is spreading due to fluctuation in temperature and high moisture content in the air. The people are advised to take precautionary measures as the cases are increasing,” Dr. Keskar said, adding that the department has started creating awareness through various means of communication like hoardings and announcements at railway stations so that citizens can start taking precautionary measures.

Unsafe Practices

874 H1N1 cases are reported in Mumbai city from January to July 2017

250 cases alone from the city in between July 1 and July 15

22 swine flu patients died since January to July 15 this year

14 of the dead H1N1 patients are from Mumbai

8 of the remaining deceased hailed from outside of the Mumbai.