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Mumbai police: No much evidence against Zakir Naik


Cops have been unable to find anything concrete against the preacher and thereby cannot make a strong case against him

Mumbai: The Mumbai police have not been able to find any concrete evidence in connection with the alleged hate speeches of Zakir Naik and thereby can’t make a strong case against the Founder of Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation who is presently under the scanner after the attacks at a café in Dhaka.

The special branch report is almost ready to be submitted to Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar. The task was assigned to the special crime branch after Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis sought an investigation into Naik’s activities.

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A team of more than 20 police officers went through a huge collection of Naik’s sermons and speeches, which are available on the public domain.

According to a police officer,“We  heard the sermons and speeches and all the objectionable content was penned down after  going through various transcripts. Those documents have also been attached in the preliminary report on Naik. The report would be scrutinised by senior police officers to decide if a further enquiry needed to be initiated against Naik.”

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“The activities of Harmony Media and Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) are also being studied.  We are working on it. It will take some time,” added the officer.

Last week, the electronic media’s campaign against the Mumbai-based preacher Zakir Naik on ‘Peace TV’ at the instance of the home ministry and intelligence agencies despite Maharashtra’s state intelligence department (SID) finding not enough evidence to book him had promoted several Muslim organisations to come out in open to support him and condemn his media trial.

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