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Mumbai: Peaceful protest by Gorkha group at Azad maidan in support of Gorkha land


Photo by BL SONI

Gorkhaland protest fire has spread all over India, and today people from Gorkha group protested peacefully in Mumbai Azad maidan CST. The protest was against in support of Gorkha land in Darjeeling and also on going atrocities and killing of innocent people by the government of Bengal.

In Darjeeling normal life is unrest and many people are suffering from the bandh called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. In some areas section 144 has been imposed, including around the District Magistrate’s office, treasury building and the courts.

Photo by BL SONI

Paramilitary forces have been deployed in the Darjeeling, the epicentre of the protests, and the state government is cracking the whip against the protest with an order stating. GJM leader Bimal Gurung has vowed to not stop till his party achieves the goal of separate statehood.

Photo by BL SONI

The struggle of the Gorkhas, and their demand for Gorkhaland is almost 70 years old. And behind it lies a history of racism, differences in language and culture.