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Mumbai: Parents, teachers can help solve students’ problems through Teno App


Mumbai: To bridge the gap between students, teachers and parents, a mobile application called Teno App has been introduced in various schools. The app helps teachers converse with parents and bring about transparency in the education system.

Parents have often been complaining about the lack of communication with the administration and management of the schools. This application involves parents directly with the teachers and thus helps them to understand the curriculum of the school and the performance of their kids. Parents can also discuss with teachers the academic and psychological problems that students face.

Teacher can form a network of parents and communicate with them on a daily basis. Anurag Dixit, Vice President of Teno App, told FPJ, “A teacher can simply broadcast information to a large network of parents. And parents can then respond and give suggestions. The communication can be two-way or one-way to facilitate smooth flow of information.” Currently, this free app has a network of over 3,000 schools.

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Students majorly face many problems due to stress and increasing competition in schools. Kunal Kala, a child psychologist, said, “Change is not welcomed readily by everybody. Now that we have a medium of technology we can bring about a shift and help our kids grow. Parents should always keep in mind that learning life lessons at a young age is more important than academics.”

More than academics this application helps to focus on initiating new creative methods to bring about holistic development of a student. Archana Neginhal, Director of Academics at Jyotirmay International School, said, “Besides academics there are other sectors like music, culture, art, performing arts and sports. A student should not be marked for these creative fields but should be allowed to exploit it in their own innovative way.”