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Mumbai: Parents can give missed call to support protest against school fee hike


Mumbai: In order to spread awareness about the ongoing issue of fee hike in various schools, the parents have decided to express their agitation by giving missed calls and sending SMS messages to support the protest at Azad Maidan to be held on May 21.

Over 2,175 missed calls were received in just one day after this initiative was started on May 15.

The Forum for Fairness in Education (FFE), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), created a missed call number 022 30256822 for all parents who wanted to raise any fee hike issue pertaining to any school.

FFE also sent over two lakh messages to parents to make them aware about this platform.

In the recent past, parents have been repeatedly protesting about the fee hike issue and have sought help from the education ministry of the government too. Jayant Jain, President of FFE, told the Free Press Journal, “Parents either protest, go on a hunger strike or even try meeting the government officers. But the problem of fee hike continues and no stern action is taken. The officers give the parents some assurance and the matter is forgotten.”

The parents hope that the government should take some firm action or amend certain rules to bring about change once and for all.

The parents said, “We always fear that the schools will ill-treat our children so we give in and pay the fees. But fee hike is a continuous and constant problem so there has to be some remedy.”