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Mumbai: Opposition slams Raju Shetty’s threat to disconnect city water


Mumbai: The leader of Swabhimani Shetakari Sanghatana (SSS) and Member of Parliament (MP) Raju Shetty in the agitation on Wednesday had slammed his own government for not understanding the plight of farmers who are to lose lands for the Samruddhi corridor. He threatened to cut the water supply to Mumbai city from the three dams of Shahapur.

The leaders of opposition parties of Nationalist Congress Party and Congress have slammed this call by Shetty.

Nawab Malik the spokesperson for NCP said, “This fight of farmers is with the government and not with the general public. Why should the common man be affected? This is a wrong move asking to cut the water supply of Mumbai.”

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Sachin Sawnt the spokesperson of the Congress party condemned the Devendra Fadnavis’s government for constructing the Samruddhi corridor. He said, “Making such a statement shows the failure of Shetty himself since he is with this Bharatiya Janta Party -led government. Being a part of this government he should have resolved the issues he is only trying to gain false sympathy from it.”

On Wednesday Raju Shetty led the agitation against Samruddhi Corridor in Thane district to intensify the protest.

He provoked the farmers to cut the water supply of Mumbai to ensure they will get justice from state government in Samruddhi Corridor issue. While addressing more than 6000 farmers who stalled the Mumbai -Agra National Highway at Shahapur against Samruddhi corridor project, Shetty said, “You farmers cut the water supply of Mumbai and I will cut supply of milk and vegetables.”

He added, “Unless we do not take such an extreme step, we will not get justice from Devendra Fadnavis led anti-farmer government,” he said.

More than 10,000 farmers gathered from Nasik, Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Aurangabad, Jalana and sinner stalled the highway for more than one and half hour.

Moreover Shetty provoked the farmers asking them to cut the water supply to Mumbai city. Out of the seven dams that provide water to the entire city, three are situated in Shahpur district supply maximum amount of drinking water to the entire Mumbai city. Cutting it would mean the entire city would go without water and would lead to more problems.

The five dams that are situated in this district are Bhatsa, Tansa and Vaitarna.