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Mumbai: Man swindled of Rs 23 Lakh by woman on matrimonial site


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Mumbai: The matrimonial plans of a Powai resident turned sour after a woman he had befriended on the website left him poorer by Rs 23 lakh. Powai Police have registered a case of cheating against a 32-year-old woman, Radhika Dikshit.  Police are on the lookout for Dikshit. The couple were both registered on, a marriage portal. The man, who works for a prestigious company and resides near the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, had been keen on marriage and and met Dikshit on this portal. They had been chatting with each other online.

He was convinced he had met his true match and proposed to Dikshit, who accepted. However, he had never met her in person so far and she kept putting off his requests for a meeting with various excuses.  But this did not stop Dikshit from asking him for money. The man told police, sometimes she would claim her father was unwell and she needed money for his treatment and at other times, she needed money to treat her ailing mother. She would ask him to deposit the money into her bank account online. In all, she managed to wrangle Rs 23 lakh in cash from him, police said.

Somehow the man convinced her to meet him in person and she agreed. When they finally met, it was a huge shock for him as she did not resemble the photograph on Radhika Dikshit’s profile and also claimed to be someone else. When he asked her to return the money, she flatly refused. Finally, the man lodged a complaint with the police.

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