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Mumbai: Man commits suicide after wife throws away his booze


Mumbai : Upset that his wife had thrown away the alcohol that he brought to celebrate New Year’s eve, a 33 year old man from Kandivali(E) ended his life by hanging himself at this house on Saturday evening.

In a police statement, his wife said that when he came home with four quarter bottles of liquor, she asked him whether he had already consumed some alcohol. To this the husband replied that since it was New Year’s eve, he would enjoy himself and have the drinks at home.

Later, when Yadav was watching television, his wife quietly took the liquor bottles and poured them down the drain in the bathroom, the police said. After some time when the man started looking for the bottles, she told him that she had thrown the liquor in the drainage since she did not want him to drink.

On this, the man got angry and he threw the glass he was holding in his started and started fighting with his wife, the police said. “The man got so angry that he told his wife to leave the house with the children and go away,” said an officer from Samata Nagar police station.

When she returned home in the evening, she first asked a boy from the neighbourhood to check on her husband. He said he could only hear the television, the woman entered the house.“She was shocked to see her husband hanging from the ceiling fan immediately raised an alarm and called the neighbour,” the police officer said. The neighbours brought down the body and took him to a nearby hospital where the man was declared dead before admission.