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Mumbai: Looking to teach lesson, BMC refuses to clear garbage of Wadala society


Mumbai: The Dosti Acres colony near Five Gardens in Wadala are yet to start waste composting systems in their society. Like many big societies this elite colony too hasn’t adhered to the BMC notice asking bulk generators to manage their own waste. The society is struggling to convince the residents about setting up composting pits and pocket-friendly means of procuring the costly machines. This is a time consuming process, but the BMC has flatly to refused to wait and are not collect waste from these buildings.

A resident of Dosti Florentine, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked, “How can they stop collecting waste? This is hazardous. We approached various vendors but the composting machine is not cheap. It will cost us around Rs 12 lakh.” The resident said BMC is equally responsible. “Waste management is the BMC’s responsibility, not only of citizens. We pay them taxes to clear the garbage and we don’t stop at that. We segregate the wet and dry waste, wrap the biomedical waste in packets. The composting should be done by BMC.”

Free Press Journal reporter who visited the area saw the residents have kept their dustbins on the road which is likely to cause more problems since it will attract rats and stray dogs. Since the last three days BMC has stopped collecting waste from Dosti Acres and the residents are worried of the stink it will generate.

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AMC Ubale said that if the residents are not serious regarding waste management BMC will not collect their building garbage. Also, the extension given is not blanket order that BMC would go on collecting the garbage. A resident of Dosti Acres also claimed that the AMC during a meeting also remarked that he wants to teach a lesson to all and that’s the reason the garbage wasn’t being collected.