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Mumbai: Liver centre to open at GT hospital


Mumbai: The state-run GT Hospital is planning to start a retrieval centre for liver transplants, where the organ will be taken from brain stem dead patients which will be transplanted into patients suffering from liver failure.

Medical sources said that there are around a 164 patients who have liver failure and who are on the waiting list for getting a transplant.

For this purpose, GT Hospital is already in the process of getting the necessary permission from the state government, said Dr Mukund Tayade, medical superintendent. “We have also have formed the committee required to examine such cases and declare them as brain stem dead after which the process of retrieval can begin,” he said. There is a counsellor appointed in the hospital, who can approach the family and counsel them to give permission for the cadaver donation. Ultimately, the purpose of the entire exercise is that a patient suffering from liver failure can get a transplant and can live a better quality of life, he said.

Sources said this year has already has seen the largest number of cadaver transplants and the number will increase by December-end.