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Mumbai: Legal Metrology dept sends notice to BCCI, MCA



Mumbai: The Legal Metrology (LM), Maharashtra State, Special Inspector of General, Amitabh Gupta has sent notices to the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Mumbai Cricket Association on Thursday, for ‘selling of packaged commodities at more than MRP.’

In the note Gupta has said, “It has been again noticed that vendors were selling packaged commodities at more than the MRP, during the IPL match on 16/5/2017.’ The LM department has registered three cases against the vendors who were selling packaged commodities.

The notice states, ‘During inspection it was observed that M/s Dana Pani, Garaware Pavillion, first floor, sold Magnum ice cream cone for Rs 100 on which printed price is Rs 75. Stall no. 3 at Gavaskar Stand and Stall no. 1 at Vijay Merchant stand sold Cornato ice cream for Rs 60, for which the printed price is Rs 55.” Gupta has stated, “This is a clear-cut practice of cheating consumers.”

An avid cricket fan, Mrunalini Gole who had gone for a Mumbai Indian match during IPL at Wankhede, faced the same situation. During the match when she purchased packaged commodities for her daughter and their friends, she was in for a rude shock, as first the vendors did not sell a whole bottle of mineral water, but sold it in sealed glass. Moreover, it was over-priced.

“First, they did not sell bottled water and instead it was per glass, which also was highly priced. The vendors charged us Rs 20 per glass. I even told them this was brazen robbery in daylight.” She added, “A batatwada cost us Rs 40, this is rather too expensive.” Gole said that they were not given bills, hence little evidence.

Gupta told Free Press Journal that they are awaiting the replies from both BCCI and MCA and depending on their replies they will decide on the next course of action. If the replies are not positive, the Legal Metrology will file cases on behalf of the consumers.

“Let us not jump the gun and see what their reply is. In case it is not satisfactory we will approach the consumer court on behalf of the consumers. There is a provision and we have kept that option open,” said Gupta.